Kunal Malhotra

The Photography Blogger

Who is Kunal Malhotra? The Photography Blogger

Kunal Malhotra is a socially renowned photographer with 9+ years of practical photography experience. His aim is to take digital photography to every corner of India by making Hindi Photography tutorials on YouTube.


Kunal Malhotra started his journey as a photography enthusiast in 2011 while pursuing Mass Communication. After working for 5 years as a Digital Marketing professional, he quit his job to become a full-time Photography Mentor.

Kunal believes that photography is no more a hobby just for the elites, it is an art form that all must learn. As he himself could not find many photography resources in Hindi back when he started clicking photos, he wants to fill that gap. Kunal Malhotra makes Hindi YouTube videos about photography tutorials, digital camera gear reviews, smartphone camera reviews, and a lot more exciting stuff.

Kunal specializes in teaching, influencing and motivating photography enthusiasts by the means of his Hindi Photography YouTube channel, one of the biggest in the country. He is also a staff writer at ‘Digital Photography School’, a leading Photography blog globally.

Kunal has conducted 100+ photography walks and workshops on street, architecture, wedding and portrait photography. He holds expertise multiple genres of photography in order to further share his knowledge with 700,000+ people connected with him on digital platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Street, Fashion, Wedding and Product are among his favourite genres of photography.