Kunal Malhotra

The Photography Blogger

Who is Kunal Malhotra? The Photography Blogger

Kunal Malhotra is a socially renowned photographer with 10+ years of practical photography experience. He started his journey as a photography enthusiast in 2011 while pursuing Mass Communication. After working for 5 years as a Digital Marketing professional, he quit his job to become a full-time Photographer and a Content Creator.

Kunal is currently associated with Canon as a Canon Maestro, with Manfrotto and Joby as the Brand Ambassador, and has worked with Unacademy, Amazon and Flipkart to generate photography-centric informative content. He is also a staff writer at Digital Photography School, a leading Photography blog read globally.

Kunal specializes in teaching, influencing and motivating photography enthusiasts by the means of his Photography YouTube channel ‘KUNAL MALHOTRA’, one of the most-watched photography channel in the country. His aim is to spread the knowledge about photography across the country, by making videos in Hindi language. Kunal has conducted 150+ webinars, photography walks and workshops on various genres of photography and content creation. More than 200 photographers have been trained by Kunal under his 1-month Digital Photography Course.

Kunal holds expertise in multiple genres of photography in order to further share his knowledge with 900,000+ people connected with him on digital platforms. Street, Fashion, Wedding and Product are among his favorite genres of photography.